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Running a kite school,
minus all the running

Connect the kite school booking system directly to your website and customers will start booking, paying and scheduling themselves. We’ll have you up and flying in no time.

  • Built by kiteschool owners, for kiteschool owners

  • Finally a software that ticks 9/10 boxes with industry specific features

  • Save a lot of time & streamline your kiteschool




Scheduled Lessons


Years of Experience

Does this sound familiar?
You are glued to your phone and email with your current solution, calling and texting all day to keep track.
Your customers can't see your up-to-date availability, let alone (re-)schedule  lessons themselves.
You find 'personal attention' very important, but at the end of the season you rather take some time off.
Try Viking Bookings:
  • Customers book and pay multiple lesson packages directly from your website

  • We've made it super easy to make last minute changes to the schedule, with an intuitive drag & drop tool

  • Customers are updated when they need to be updated, with automated email flows

Scheduling software for water sport centers

Why customers love Viking Bookings

  • They can book anytime without human interaction
  • Always informed in a timely and clear manner
  • Professional appearance leaves a lasting impression
  • They are more excited for lessons because of online theory

Why schools love Viking Bookings

  • Huge time-savings for planning
  • All your bookings in once place
  • It's much easier to scale the business
  • An intuitive interface that's easy to work with
Trusted by 250+
around the globe
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Kiteschool reservation software

Gone are the days of manual processes and overwhelming workloads. Our innovative kiteschool reservation software is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of kite schools like yours. With an impressive track record of handling thousands of students annually, our web based management app has become the go-to choice for kite schools worldwide.

A unique reservation system for kiteschools

Viking was originally created for our own kitesurfschool in the Netherlands. When we demonstrate the system to other kiteschool owners, they are impressed by the specialized features tailored specifically for their needs. Here are some of the unique features of the Viking reservation system:

Sell lesson packages

Customers can book and pay multiple lesson packages directly from your website.

Live availability 24/7

Customers schedule their lessons to the live availability of your center and instructors.

Customer portals

Your customers pay, (re)schedule, access lesson materials and sign waivers in the portal.

Weather optimized system

Literally reschedule 50 customers with 1 click: After cancelling due to weather, customers reschedule themselves in their portal.

Instructor accounts

Every instructor gets their own account where they can add availability, change students level, leave messages to students and much more.

Automated communication

With Viking you can ensure that all the necessary information is conveniently available to your customers when they need it.

The perfect match for your kiteschool

Every kitesurf school nosedives into the same obstacles; wasting time on manual tasks, problems with planning and a labouring booking process. Use VIKING kitesurfing school software to overcome hurdles and drive growth by automating everything. Run your business without breaking a sweat.

  • Powerful booking software: receive bookings 24/7 directly from your website
  • Management software that helps you save a lot of time
  • Boost your revenue – our customers report an average growth of 15%
  • Industry specific reservation system
  • Trusted around the globe, by 200+ centers
Kiteschool software

Learn more:

Every feature that you need

Browse all features





Multi language

Find & mail


Expiration reminder

Payment reminder

New theory availabile






All optional

Custom fields

Emails per category

Planner message

Updated when needed

Prebuilt templates

FAQ pages

Milestones theory

Customer account

(instructor) messages


Release courses ('give back strips')

Change day

Change time

Start time changer

Choose what product is tide dependent

Tides per product

General availability

Prevent overbookings

Check availability

Manage availability

Daily overview






Student level

Resend emails

Continue planning

Send notifications

Duplicate bookings

Phone, on location and online

Group bookings

Cancel courses

Quick search

Approve courses

Download schedule excel

Automated planning


Block availability

Add customers


Sign waivers






Attendance toggles


Email support

Phone/ Zoom support

Ticketing system

Start using Viking



System manager

Head instructor




Student level tracking

Build your own milestones

High quality content

Pre filled

Change pre-filled templates

Milestones per sport

QR code waivers

Validity per waiver

Multi language

Waiver per product

General waiver

Sell PDF gift vouchers

Special personal codes

Groupon & personal flyers

gCal / iCal

Generic codes

Other websites

Wordpress plugin

Messagebird SMS


Payment platforms

Facebook tracking

Adwords tracking

Tracking of campaigns

Discount codes

Gift vouchers

Mobile optimised

Auto upsell

Find & mail

Newsletter opt in

Wordpress plugin

Track per bookingform

Easily embed


Multi language

Dedicated booking forms

Set currency

Track partial payments and refunds

Set timezone

Set general language

Language per user


Payment settings

Accept on-location payment

Accept online payments






Combined products

Rental prebooked

Rental on location*

Check cash at end of day

Automated repetition


Multiple day

Single day


Camp participant export

Lesson schedule

Overview of hours

Change hours manually

Automated hour tracking



Reports per source

Occupancy rate







Multi language

Find & mail


Expiration reminder

Payment reminder

New theory availabile






All optional

Custom fields

Emails per category

kitesurfing school management software

A few years ago, we faced the limitations of managing our own Determined to find a solution, we partnered with a team of skilled developers who transformed our challenges into opportunities. The result was VIKING, a powerful management software specifically designed for kitesurfing schools like yours. It revolutionized our operations and we're confident it can do the same for you. Are you ready for a game-changing experience? Don't wait! Request a personal demo of VIKING today and discover how it can transform the way you work.

Kiteschool booking system

Upgrade your kitesurfschool operations with our innovative booking system. Designed to simplify your processes, our advanced software offers an intuitive booking experience for students while empowering you with powerful management tools.

Efficient Booking Process: Our web app provides a seamless and hassle-free booking process. Students can easily browse available courses, select dates and times, and secure their bookings in just a few clicks. Impress your potential students with a user-friendly interface that makes booking a breeze.

Real-Time Availability and Pricing: Keep your availability and pricing up-to-date effortlessly. Our system synchronizes in real-time, allowing you to adjust availability and prices as needed. Say goodbye to overbooking and display accurate information to attract more students.

Customizable Options: Tailor the booking process to match your kiteschool's unique offerings. Create customizable packages, add-ons, and upsells to provide a personalized experience for your students and boost your revenue streams.

Integrated Payment Solutions: Collect payments securely and conveniently. Our system supports multiple payment gateways, offering students various payment options. Enjoy peace of mind with encrypted transactions and seamless integration with secure payment processors.

Comprehensive Student Management: Effortlessly manage your student database with our comprehensive tools. Access crucial information, including contact details, course history, and preferences, from a centralized dashboard. Stay connected and provide personalized experiences through efficient communication tools.

Robust Reporting and Analytics: Track your kiteschool's performance with our robust reporting and analytics features. Gain valuable insights into bookings, revenue, and student trends. Make data-driven decisions to optimize marketing strategies and drive growth.

Elevate your kiteschool management with our advanced booking system. Simplify operations, attract more students, and enhance customer satisfaction. Experience a user-friendly interface, real-time availability updates, integrated payment solutions, and comprehensive management tools. Unlock the full potential of your kiteschool and schedule a personalized demo with us today!

The advantages of Viking

Viking is not a software that is for everyone. Viking is specifically made for water sports centers. We’ve been there, so we built Viking for ourselves.

  • Finally a software that ticks 9/10 boxes with industry specific features.

  • We setup Viking specifically for your center, so you have a ready to go custom system

  • Save a lot of time & streamline your business.

  • Grow your business with automatic upselling & smart conversion tracking features.

  • Get the support you hoped for. Personal onboarding, online training to get started, knowledge base and fast email support.

Viking Booking SystemSurf school booking software

What our users say
about Viking Bookings

We are impressed!

"Viking saves so much time and effort for us! We’ve only been using the management software a few months and it completely changed the face of our surf school."

Dave Melmoth - Joss bay surf school

Great personal service!!

“With Viking, we offer a highly personal level of service, with minimal effort from our side”

Roel Avenhuis -

What a gamechanger

“Viking Bookings creates less stress and less e-mail traffic. Since switching to the software, we receive more bookings while spending less time organising.”

Emieck de Goede - Jibe City

Why didn’t we start sooner?

“Using VIKING Bookings still makes our jobs easier every day. In the beginning we were hesitant to make the switch. The guys from VIKING helped us every step of the way, and we love the platform. A great system that helps you save a lot of time in your kite school!”

Sjors van Leeuwen - Pepsports

Our customers love it!

"We never miss out with communication anymore! And we are not losing that personal contact, because our customers are updated when they feel they need to be updated"

Jeannette Melchior Hansen - North Sea Watersports

Not time consuming at all

"Changing the structure of the day is not time-consuming at all. As a result, we have time to focus on other things during the season because the planning is done by the system."

Lyndsey Young - Escape surf school

Clear communication for all

"Viking Bookings offers a clear overview and a clear communication between us the instructors and the students. We can’t imagine anymore what our school would look like without Viking Bookings."

Rob Verdaas - Natural High

Best possible service for guests

"It is easy for guests to make bookings on the website without complications. We’ve had only positive reactions."

Matthijs Kalsbeek - Hartbeach

My customers love it

"My customers say that booking online like this is an advantage for them also. Because they just open their phone and see our availability. And for me it’s perfect for short-term bookings where I cannot be reached anymore, people are still able to book."

Simon Hiemer - Avid Kiteboarding

Solved many challenges

"Great system and great service. Solved many of our business and operation challenges, it continues to improve regularly too. Highly recommend"

Chris Burke- Poseidon Watersports

Are you ready for an
Online Demo?

We share our screen and show you the entire system remotely. We will also try to answer all your questions.

  • Save a lot of time & streamline your business.

  • Specific features for watersportcenters

  • Run your surfschool and enjoy again

‘Answering calls and e-mails for at least 8 hours a day used to drive us crazy. Now with Viking, we have reduced this to 2 hours. Students schedule their lessons themselves!’

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Frequently asked questions

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Can the booking software handle different types of kitesurfing courses and packages?

Is the booking software customizable to match my kiteschool's branding?

Can the software integrate with our existing website?

Does the software support online payments and secure transactions?

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